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Famously known for its breathtaking filled with life jungle and ancestral Mayan history, Tulum rises as one of the world’s best places to build a new way of simple luxury living.

In the heart of this paradise town, Selvazama proudly integrates mind-blowing local spirit, cutting-edge architecture & sustainable design, and a barefoot lifestyle in a vibrant community that cares deeply for nature, wants to educate to preserve and innovates to grow responsibly.

Spoil your senses and escape barefoot. Indulge in a dreamy place within the enigmatic tropical wilderness. Get inspired by a community looking forward to connecting with others to make a change. This is a promised land for digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and everyone who shares our philosophy.

This is our art, and we proudly invite you to be part of it.

Our privilege

Our privileged location

OurVision for
a Promising Future


People from all over the world are searching for a balanced life of calm and adventure, freedom and technology, nature and eco-engineering.

This balance is our way to slow living. Because slow is planned, is enjoying the right thing at this exact time. Is sustainable healthy mobility. It’s online High-speed connection to log off whenever. Is an Art Park with an area of 135,000 m2 of mystical jungle to relax. Is a Holistic sanctuary to share with the community.


We are creating a collaborative community of people who care deeply for nature and others.

A place where the land is building value in stories, inspiring moments, and an exclusive lifestyle of leaving behind useless possessions to own yourself and connect with life.

We invite you to share with us this philosophy for simple and connected living.

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